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Hulu Downloader is your complete Flash movie Windows solution.

Capture FLV Video URL and Download it

Now that almost everybody is surfing the Net with a high speed broadband connection, there's a ton of great video out there. And more and more sites are using Flash Video (FLV) as their streaming video solution of choice. It's very easy and nice that we can watch these FLV videos in our browser. However, it's very difficult to download FLV video files to our local disk. Then what should you do if you want to download and save your favorite FLV videos? Hulu Downloader will help you.

Step 1: Launch "FLV Browser" and open your favorite video website.


Step 2: Select your favorite video and play it. Hulu Downloader will capture the real URL of selected video and show it in the URL list .


Step 3: Select the special item if you want to download it. Click the button "Download" () or select "Download" () menuitem in popup menu.

Step 5: Hulu Downloader will add select item to "FLV Downloader".